Trade merry-go-round ends with wins for all

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Date sent: 2017/10/21 04:50:31
It was like a revolving door in and out of Queensland.
The final day of the AFL's trade period <a href=""></a> was feverish, the storm after the calm, with the Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast Suns in the thick of the action.
lining was the case of 'In: Hodge. Out: Ablett' for Queensland footy, with one great, four-time Hawk premiership player Luke Hodge, officially joining the Lions, and another future legend, two-time Brownlow Medallist Gary Ablett, heading back to Geelong.
Two young stars, however, also got their wishes, with Charlie Cameron to join Hodge at Brisbane, and Lachie Weller moving back to the Gold Coast.
Both had to wait until the final hour for their futures to be determined.
Cameron, born in Mt Isa, was desperate to return from Adelaide for family reasons.
While initially steadfast against the move - the speedy midfielder having one year to run on his contract - the Crows buckled when pick 12 in next month's national draft was put on the table.
"This is what is best for Charlie, on and off the field," Crows list manager Justin Reid conceded. "The Adelaide Football Club did the right thing by Charlie and pick 12 is a great result.
"We had good dialogue with Brisbane the whole way through. Brisbane wanted to get Charlie back up there from a family point of view and it's a great result for both clubs."
Lions football boss David Noble said pick 12 was a fair deal for the 23-year-old.
"It was probably where we expected," a relieved Noble said. "We're rapt to have Charlie here ... he fits a real need for us."
Cameron played 73 games for the Crows after being selected as a rookie from Perth, where he had spent two years, in 2012.
"As we said all along, he's got a lot of family <a href=""></a> up there (in Queensland) and it's going to be really good for him to get back home and be a part of the club," said Cameron's manager Andrew McDougall.

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