Joe Starkey: The Steelers are getting carried

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Date sent: 2017/10/21 02:47:42
I was talking with guard David DeCastro about <a href=""></a> this wildly talented, often-frustrating Steelers offense before the game in Kansas City, and I wondered if it’s the kind of offense that should be able to morph into any form it desires on a given Sunday.
“We have the talent,” DeCastro said. “Whether that’s 80 passes with Ben dinking and dunking on ’em, whether it’s running the ball, play-action, it just doesn’t matter.”
We could all agree with that in theory, I’m sure. But in practice, the Steelers have very much become Le’Veon Bell’s team.
They have, in keeping with much of their history, become a team whose winning formula begins with a Bell-cow back. To an almost frightening extent in this case. Check it out:
Steelers record when Bell carries the ball at least 20 times: 24-3.
• Steelers record when Bell carries fewer than 20 times: 10-16.
Which leads to the wonderful dilemma facing coach Mike Tomlin and offensive coordinator Todd Haley. A dilemma any team in the NFL would love to have.
On one hand, the Steelers have the best running back — maybe the best player — in the league and a proven method for winning: GIVE THAT GUY THE BALL.
They have never lost a game in which Bell carried at least 25 times (9-0).
Everything the Steelers do, it seems, they do better when Bell is pounding away. Their offense settles down. Their passing game frees up, particularly the play-action part (note the 26-yard pass to Vance McDonald on first down from <a href=""></a> the 1-yard line in Kansas City). Their defense stays fresh.
Troy Polamalu once told me how much his defenses appreciated that kind of formula. This one does, too.

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