Pro Football Focus: Steelers defensive line was actually solid against Jaguars

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Date sent: 2017/10/11 08:03:33
Don’t blame the defensive line.
Though the Steelers gave up 231 <a href=""></a> rushing yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday, Pro Football Focus placed three members of the defensive front among the team’s five best performers in the 30-9 loss at Heinz Field.
The stats-centric website that grades players on every snap they play in a given game gave receiver Antonio Brown the Steelers’ top grade at 86.3 out of 100, a nice validation of his 10-reception, 157-yard performance. After that, it was all defensive players, including three linemen led by defensive end Cameron Heyward’s 81.5 grade that PFF explained thusly:
Heyward didn’t record a single stop for the first time in the 2017 season, but that lack of statistical impact doesn’t convey the disruption he caused to the left side of the Jaguars offensive line. Whether stunting or playing straight into his gap, Heyward was hard to contain and played his part in limiting the Jags’ running back to 3.2 yards per carry on runs between the tackles to the left side.
Safety Sean Davis (80.3), defensive <a href=""></a> tackle Javon Hargrave (79.8) and defensive end Stephon Tuitt (79.3) rounded out the top five.

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