The greatest wedding sparklers in our collection

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Do you want to brighten up your next event and help provide the sort of memories that will last a lifetime? Do you want to create a truly incredible photograph , filled with something uniquely you? If so, then we have the special products you're looking for.

Sparklers are one of the most popular ways of adding light and color to an event - not to mention getting everybody involved in a way they won't soon forget. Imagine a circle of friends holding light and fire to the sky for the big wedding kiss, or a chance to light up the beach just after the sun sets. They're affordable, they're easy to use, they're fun... And We Love Sparklers has plenty of choices for you to select.

One of the most popular choices in recent years is our selection of Wedding Sparklers , each carefully designed to meet your needs. You won't see a lot of smoke and ash falling all over the place, and better yet, you can pick the sparklers that are best for your particular needs! On the small end, ten-inch sparklers offer that perfect combination of low price and brilliant appearance, allowing for use in even some of the most crowded events. With an average lifetime of over sixty seconds , even minor mishaps won't screw up your carefully-laid plans.

At a small step up, the mid-sized twenty-inch sparklers offer a lot more shine, not to mention an average burning time that's twice what the ten-inch sparklers have. These particular sparklers are perfect for making a bigger show, or serving as highlights that smaller sparklers are able to support. Actually, this is one of our favorite uses for sparklers - changing sizes helps to create far more powerful images , and why not make the most out of them while you still have them?

The greatest wedding sparklers in our collection are the thirty-six inch sparklers that truly make their presence known. Lasting four minutes (or more), these sparklers will stand out even from a distance - and allow for some of the most dazzling displays.

We Love Sparklers is also proud to provide a variety of other sparklers, including vivid Champagne Bottle Sparklers. Those who aren't having a wedding don't need to worry, either, because there are also a number of nightclub sparklers available to liven things up. From fancy dessert sparklers to useful accessories like clip-ons and poppers , you'll find the best sparkler products within our selections.

Most products are available in a variety of order sizes, allowing you to quickly and easily get the right amount of sparklers for your event. Don't settle for a dreary setting that never truly takes off - if you want an event to be memorable, the brilliant displays of sparklers will provide the perfect touch.

Note: We Love Sparklers highly encourages all customers to practice good safety procedures when using potentially dangerous items. All sparklers are designed to be safe, but please follow all instructions on the packaging, use products only in safe areas , and have an appropriate number of fire extinguishers or similar items nearby.
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