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As members of the Presidio Trust stand on a fingernail of beach on the southern shore of Mountain Lake nike huarache blanche femme , an excited San Francisco resident stops by to comment on the organizations lakerestorationefforts.

This looks a lot better, he yells, looking out over the only natural lake in thePresidioof San Francisco, a former U.S.Army basethat became a part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area in 1994. Since 2001, the Presidio Trust, afederalagency created topreserveand transform the Presidio, has been working to make this little urbanoasishealthy andfunctionalagain.

nat geo magazine Mountain Lake isadjacentto the West Coasts high-trafficHighway 1, a busy golf course, and the Richmondneighborhoodof San Francisco. These livelyurban areas have contributed todegradationof the lakes water clarity. In addition, theecosystems biologicaldiversityhas been affected by non-native plants and animals that have pushed outindigenousspecies.

Terri Thomas, the Presidio Trusts director ofconservation, stewardship and research, points to the lake and a section of shoreline that used to be ringed by non-native eucalyptus trees.

After we took the eucalyptus out, the lake got clearer, she says.

The removal of the eucalyptus trees was part of the first phase of restoration work at Mountain Lake. Theinitialphase also included weeds being removed and 14,000 native plants being planted. Restoration volunteers include Presidio Park Stewards, local students, corporate groups, and Friends of Mountain Lake Park.

Thomas then points to traffic zooming by on Highway 1, perched right above the body of water.

We have spent the last 15 years trying toremediatethe bottom of the lake fromleadandcontaminants from the highway, she says.

In addition to polluting the water, the highwayrunoffcontributed to changing Mountain Lakes depth from 9 meters (30 feet) to just 3 meters (10 feet).

The lake has also shrunk from the size when the Anzaexpeditioncamped beside the body of water in 1776. The Anza expedition was anexplorationof California led by Mexican-Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza.

We think [the lake's size] has been reduced about a third nike huarache noir femme , Thomas says.

Between September 2012 and December 2013, the Mountain Lake wasdredged. The effort removed 13,380 cubic meters (17,500 cubic yards) of contaminatedsediment, which was relocated to a nearbylandfill.

Reintroduction Research

While standing on the shore, Jonathan Young, a wildlifeecologistinterning for the Presidio Trust, spots acarpmoving along the shallows.

That would be so easy to get, he says, clearly wishing he had a net to nab the non-native.

Getting rid of Mountain Lakes carp is one of the biggest challenges to the Presidio Trusts restoration efforts.

Our biggest problem is that there are non-native fish that damage the bottom and thevegetation, Thomas says.

Young notes that being a natural space within an urban area means that over the years, San Franciscans have deposited non-native turtles, frogs, and fish into Mountain Lake.

This is arepositoryfor peoples pets, he says.

The Presidio Trust initially used electrofishing in an attempt toeradicatethe carp. The method useselectricityto stun fish that are then pulled out of the water with nets. Currently, Young usesgill nets to remove the carp from Mountain Lake.

After the carp are removed from the lake, they aretransported to Al Wolf at the Sonoma Reptile Rescue Center in nearby Sebastopol.

He adopts them out to private,secludedvineyardponds, where they wont cause the same issues up there as they do down here, Young says.

Once thesenon-native speciesare removed, the Presidio Trust can begin reintroducing native species back to the lake. Young says the organization has been looking at museum records and other documents to see what native species used to call Mountain Lake home.

We were able to get an idea of plants and animals that used to be in the area, he says.

The Presidio Trust hopes to begin with placing Pacific chorus frogs nike huarache pas cher taille 38 , western pond turtles, freshwater mussels, Pacific newts, and three-spined stickleback (a small fish) back into Mountain Lake and the surrounding land. Eventually, they hope to welcome the endangered California red-legged frog. They are hoping to start reintroducing the three-spined stickleback in late 2014.

The organization still needs to do more work to get Mountain Lake ready for the fish.

First, we need to remove all thepredatoryinvasive fish, while at the same time, get thesubmerged plants [back in the lake], which will provide neededhabitatfor the sticklebacks, Young says.

The group has already begun puttingaquaticplant species back into Mountain Lake. They place the seeds androots of the plants in mud balls that are then thrown into the lake. Cages are thenerected around the mud balls and vegetation so carp cannot de-root them while foraging forinvertebrates that live in and around the new plants.

The restoration is a complicated process that relies on goals having to be met before the native plants and animals can be reintroduced.

Its a reallydynamicproject, Young says. There are a lot of layers to it.

Since Mountain Lake is a natural feature surrounded by acity, its successful restoration depends on local residents who use the park.

Ultimately, urban restoration projects like this, Thomas says, depend on the community.

[Source : http:education.nationalgeographic.orgnewslake-effects]
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